What Are The Signs That Your Dog Needs Probiotics?

What Are The Signs That Your Dog Needs Probiotics?

Is your dog having loose stools again today? Does he have smelly gas that just can’t be ignored? Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Does my dog need probiotics?”.

Your first step is to determine if you can improve your dog’s gut health through simple dietary changes. If not, you may want to add probiotics to their diet.

Here are some signs that your dog needs probiotics.


Does your dog have a tendency to have loose stools or diarrhea? If so, you need to get to the root cause ASAP.

You might think, “Hey, it’s just little diarrhea. It’s not that big of a deal.”

But diarrhea isn’t something to ignore. It’s a serious symptom that can lead to other issues.

Diarrhea often results from unhealthy gut flora. It will only continue as long as unhealthy gut flora is present.

Smelly Gas

Do you walk into your house after coming home from a long day at work and are hit with a wall of stench?

When your dog has dietary issues, smelly gas will always be present.

Probiotics can help to resolve the problem and get rid of smelly gas.

The Dog Can’t Keep Weight On

If your dog simply can’t keep weight on, he may need dog probiotics to help repair her gut health.

When healthy gut flora is present, your dog will be able to absorb nutrients from the food that he eats.

However, when the unhealthy gut flora is present (which will happen when your dog’s diet isn’t optimal), your dog won’t absorb the nutrients he needs.

That’s when you should start thinking about adding probiotics to your dog’s diet.

If you don’t fix the problem, the weight loss will continue and other health issues could develop.

Your Dog Is Anxious And Jumpy

Is your dog constantly anxious and jumpy? It may be a sign that her gut health needs an overhaul.

When poor gut health is present, your dog will develop inflammation throughout the body.

It’s also very common for dogs to develop negative behavioral symptoms because of gut health.

Constant Itching and Scratching

Does your dog have a constant itch and scratch?

Pets with unhealthy gut flora often scratch because of multiple sensitivities.

They might be scratching because they are allergic to the food that they’re eating. They could also be scratching because of the presence of parasites.

Either way, the itching, and scratching will continue until your dog’s gut health is brought back to optimal.


If your dog is exhibiting any of the signs listed above, it’s likely that he needs probiotics. Probiotics can help to restore gut health and resolve many common digestive issues. If you’re not sure whether or not your dog needs probiotics, consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to recommend a course of treatment that will get your dog’s gut health back on track.