Education Center

Education Center

School Visits:
Students studying Florida History, Fort Myers History or American History will benefit greatly from a visit to our museum.

1. The program involves a full museum tour, including the outside exhibits and last approximately 2 hours.

2. The shortened programs are available upon request.

Although the content of our museum primarily covers Southwest Florida history it is easy to relate our exhibits to a more general Florida or even American History curriculum. We are also appropriate for all ages and ability levels. We understand that scheduling time for field trips can be a difficult process therefore, we will be glad to work with you concerning times, length of visits and subject matter.

Quality Content:
The Southwest Florida Museum of History strives to bring in new and unique exhibits that illustrate the heritage of our community. We are sensitive to the needs of our multicultural and changing society and we try to inspire responsible and constructive exploration of the past.

Great Value: 
A visit to our museum will cost you only $4.00 per student, $5.00 per chaperone and teachers are free! Lee County Public and Charter Schools save $1 on each student group admission, paying only $3.00 per student. Our convenient location will also be a value for you as you make plans for transportation.

Downtown Walking Tour:
Another Option: For those of you with older students, who may have already seen our museum, we have the option of a historic downtown walking tour. The buildings in downtown Fort Myers have many stories to tell. The dramas of economic prosperity and hardship, segregation and integration, and war and peace have shaped the growth of our beautiful downtown. This guided tour will last about one hour. Our downtown walking tour costs $5.00 per student.

Outreach Programs:
The following is a list of some of the “Museum in a Box” outreach programs we offer. If there is a specific topic concerning Southwest Florida history not listed below that you would like to see please feel free to contact the museum.

Learn the history before history. This program explores the geographic and biologic history of Florida from its´ rise from the oceans through the arrival of the first humans and their relationship with the changing environment. In addition, learn how we know what we know through the science of archeology.

Calusa Civilization:
What can we learn from an ancient, extinct civilization? This program explores the rise and fall of the Calusa Civilization while emphasizing the “Common Threads” they share with us.

The Seminoles:
The Seminoles shaped Southwest Florida more than any other Native Americans. This program explores the relationship between the Seminoles and the United States through war and peace.

Calusa, Spanish, Seminole:
This combination program explores the relationship between European explorers and the Native American civilizations they encountered in Southwest Florida.

Fort Myers:
This program is a history of Fort Myers from the commission of the military outpost through the growth of the city we know today.

Programs last one hour and include PowerPoint slides, artifacts and handouts. Please feel free to combine multiple classes.

Additional Information and Scheduling:

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